September 3, 2007

Both Davenports #58 and #59 are fully built and tested, disassembly begins and a loco is then hot riveted together. The chassis has 3/4 and 1/2" diameter rivets holding it together. This is done the way the full size Davenports we built back in the 1930's.
A shot of the massiveness of the chassis, wheels and side rods. The chassis alone weighs over 2000 lbs and the rear drive axle assembly weighs over 900 lbs. The side frames are 1 5/8" thick and the end beams are 2 3/4" thick.
Cab is being raised over the chassis. It has just come back from our paint booth at the second shop. It is riveted also and is truly a work of art in metal. The fit over the whole piece and particularly between the doors and door frames is closer than Rolls royce and Bentley uses. It is less than 20 thousandths of an inch!
The ATT&NW Davenport being reassembled. Next to it is the #58 still awaiting complete disassembly, hot riveting and painting.
The #497, a former Bell Gardens owned loco that was built by Custom locomotive works. This picture is a few weeks old and the fabrication is not near complete but gives the idea of the drastic changes made to the locomotive. The old paint on the cab and lower chassis has been sanded in preparation for painting.