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2007 Miniature Train Convention

The long-awaited 2007 Miniature Railroad Convention DVD is completed and available for purchase. The Convention video exceeds our expectations and turned out to be slightly over 1 hour in length. As a bonus, we're including an additional DVD of train activity that was just too good to wind up on the cutting room floor. We're hopeful you will enjoy the product of a bunch of convention volunteers, mostly amateurs in video production. Several of our volunteers, however, have experience in camera and production work professionally, having previously filmed many railroad projects and events. They have given us many perspectives on the ATT&NW Railroad that most of us have not witnessed before. The entire production offers tremendous scenic shots of the railroad (one of the longer 15" gauge railroads in North America), the visiting engines and several of the characters and bright personalities who have long been an integral part of the hobby and industry. We think you'll agree it is not the typical railroad video and hope you'll feel it was worth the wait.

The twin set is $40.00 + $8.00 shipping and handling. For multiple orders the shipping and handling is $8.00 for the first one plus $1.00 for each additional set ordered up to 5. For 5 and over the shipping cost remains at $12.00. The quickest way to order your DVD is on-line at You may also order by calling the ATT&NW office at 314-679-1386 or by sending a check payable to: Ozark Scenic Railway & Museum, 1588 S. Lindbergh Blvd., Suite 205, St. Louis, MO 63131.

The entire purchase price of the video will go towards the Ozark Scenic Railway & Museum non-profit project. Those of you who attended the convention know that this is a very ambitious project which will attempt to create a 15" gauge Grand Scale Miniature Tourist Railroad on an old standard gauge right-of-way in the Ozark Mountains in Crawford County Missouri.

We want to make sure we don't miss anyone who pre-ordered a DVD at the convention through Robinson & Associates. For those who have pre-ordered, we would appreciate hearing from you via e-mail at when you receive your DVD so we can take you off our "things to worry about list".

We thank the many miniature rail fans who have patiently waited nearly a year for the completion of this project. We welcome your feedback on our DVD which can be posted on our website at

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